SUCCEED for Veterinary Practices in Europe

SUCCEED® Means (Good) Business

SUCCEED provides quality products for equine digestive health for veterinary surgeons and their clients. This means quality of care for your clients’ horses and a healthy equine practice for you. SUCCEED has multiple patents worldwide and is used and endorsed by top equestrians and vets in every major discipline.

SUCCEED® Means Science

SUCCEED was developed on a strong foundation of science and supported with extensive trials to test performance and clinical value. It’s backed by our own ongoing research as well as independent research in gastrointestinal pathology and care. Access this research at

Why SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program

SUCCEED provides a natural approach to supporting the health of the entire equine digestive tract in the face of modern horse keeping challenges, training and competition. Uses for SUCCEED include:

  • Compensation for chronic insufficiency of small intestine function.
  • Compensation for chronic digestive disorders of the large intestine.
  • Nutritional restoration, convalescence.

When your clients’ horses have healthy digestive systems, they may display:

  • Efficient nutrient absorption
  • Slow and steady digestion
  • A healthy hindgut
  • Stomach and hindgut acids at healthy levels
  • Natural immunity
  • Moderated release of sugars into the bloodstream
  • Healthy cell reproduction throughout the gut

Obtain SUCCEED from these vet supply distributors:

In England

In Ireland

In Norway

Hestesport-Centeret AS
Phone: 0047-91636878

In Denmark

Phone: +45 96 81 40 00

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