Finding Success with SUCCEED®

Many health products get the endorsement of a top rider or trainer, but only SUCCEED is used and supported by so many equestrians across the industry. Equestrians in all aspects of competitive riding and racing have found success with SUCCEED and are willing to put their names behind it.

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Joanne Corish - Eventing

“Our super 7-year-old mare Lates Caralier events internationally and has been thriving on SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program. We recently competed at the World Eventing Championships at Lion d’angers in France representing Ireland. This involved the rigors of a long journey, being in new surroundings for few days, and of course the competition itself. We were thrilled with how she coped. She felt very relaxed all through and was a total pleasure to ride. Cross country day attracted more than 8,000 spectators, and the atmosphere was huge, but she performed beautifully whilst bringing home a clear round. I honestly feel that her relaxed, happy performance is down to SUCCEED. I can’t recommend it enough. We will definitely be staying on SUCCEED!”

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Katy Barr - Head Groom to HRH The Princess Royal

“The difference in Cloudy since starting SUCCEED is astounding. His appetite has improved hugely. All grumpy and anxious behaviour has disappeared, he’s no longer girthy, and he now stands quietly while tacked up. Cloudy’s realised being brushed is lovely and enjoys being touched now. He’s working quietly and with great focus. He’s generally a different horse.

There are so many things that have changed along with Cloudy’s digestive health, including that we now have a more receptive and calmer horse. Thank you SUCCEED. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

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Jodie Seddon - Stonehill Sports Horses

“I have been using SUCCEED since 2017 to help manage the GI tract health of my two top eventers. It has been extremely successful in offsetting many of the digestive health issues that are frequently posed from the rigors of top level competition and training and has allowed both horses to develop further towards their full potential.

It has also been particularly helpful in providing additional support to my horses’ digestive tracts when they travel further afield and are stabled away at longer shows. I am confident that SUCCEED helps to maintain normal and consistent digestive function whilst decreasing the impact of the stress of stay away shows.

I am always pleased to recommend SUCCEED to my clients, and was thrilled when a client whose older horse struggling with their digestive tract health did so well on SUCCEED that he is now enjoying a twilight career jumping at low level BS in super condition.

At Stonehill Sports Horses, we always want to provide the best feeding, management and care for our horses and Succeed helps us achieve this.”

Photo: Tim Wilkinson / Eventing Images

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Charlotte Bacon - Eventing

“I use SUCCEED on a daily basis and truly believe in the product. Not only do the horses look in great condition, but they also have good mentalities because they feel good. I also found that SUCCEED oral paste has kept up my horses’ appetites whilst becoming three day event fit, meaning they were in perfect condition to perform at their best.”

Photo: Charlotte Bacon Eventing

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Jayne Lancashire
Jayne Lancashire - Dressage Rider & Owner of Dressage International

“The spring grass began to affect my Grand Prix horse each year, including his appetite and his performance. My vet and I finally decided that the best course of action would be to put him on SUCCEED. Within just a couple of days he had perked up and seemed back to normal very quickly after that. I have kept him on SUCCEED and combined it with a change in routine to his grazing during the spring time, and haven’t looked back. I now have the whole yard on SUCCEED and have been thrilled with the results.”

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Lucy Straker
Lucy Straker - Dressage

“I have been using SUCCEED on both my horses since July last year. I was recommended to try SUCCEED to help one horse’s hind gut. As I was giving it to the one horse, I thought I would give it to my other as well. I started with the easy-to-administer oral syringes for 90 days first and then swapped them over to the top dress granules. The results have been amazing and I would never take them off it now! Not only do they look a million dollars with shiny coats and healthy appearance, they have a healthy appetite and appear happier in themselves. But what’s the most amazing sign for me that it is working is one of my horses has stopped cribbing completely and that is phenomenal as he had cribbed for the whole 6 years I have had him! I am so grateful to SUCCEED for developing this brilliant product and I recommend it highly to be part of your daily routine for every horse owner. It’s so simple to give and they love the taste so much. I’m so looking forward to seeing how they continue to improve on SUCCEED. Genius stuff!”

Photo: Kevin Sparrow

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Charlotte Bacon
Charlotte Bacon - Young Event Rider

“SUCCEED has worked wonders on the horses condition, especially during the competition season where some can be anxious or worry. One horse turns fussy with his feed when he becomes fit, so we use the syringes of SUCCEED with him. He genuinely looks forward to having the syringes and rarely leaves meals now. I also find the product beneficial to the younger horses that join the yard. Using SUCCEED helps them settle and ultimately put back on any condition that they may have lost in the travel or whilst growing. I am a firm believer SUCCEED has a positive effect on all the horses’ condition, competition results and general well-being.”

Photo: Charlotte Bacon Eventing.

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Shaun Mandy
Shaun Mandy - Dressage

“My advanced horse, Euphoria E (Inky) has been on SUCCEED since July 2016. At this stage, he was competing at a medium level and felt behind my leg whenever going into the competition arena. However, over the last 7 months, he has climbed the levels, culminating in our first Prix St George. There are things still to work on of course, but his confidence has grown massively and he feels like a much happier horse. He also looks so much better since being on SUCCEED.”

Photo: Shaun Mandy Dressage

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denise hallion
Denise Hallion - Mayhill Stud Farm - Dressage

“While making the long journeys to international competitions, and particularly during the build-up to the 2014 World Equestrian Games, Wervelwind’s health and performance began to suffer from travel-related challenges. Since starting SUCCEED, his overall health during traveling and competing has radically improved. He’s no longer impacted by the travel and has been on good form at all of our competitions.”

Photo: Rui Pedro Godinho

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Lizzie Brown - 3-Day Event Rider

“I use SUCCEED across my team of horses because I believe success starts from the inside out. It is a super product that the horses love and we love using – it is so easy and the results are noticeable in such a short time. SUCCEED is the platform upon which we can train and compete our horses to produce top results at the highest levels of eventing.” Read full story.

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Sandra Hughes - National Hunt Trainer

“When we started to feed SUCCEED, the horses just appeared to thrive. The horses seem to eat better and digest their food better, but perhaps more importantly, they stand up to training for longer. SUCCEED has been a fantastic product for us. The last three seasons have been probably the most successful three seasons we have ever had and I would put this down, in part, to the use of SUCCEED.”

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Rosanna Walters-Symons
Rosanna Walters-Symons - Competitive Driving

“I began using SUCCEED after consultation with my vet, in an attempt to support the digestive health of my top competition pony, Dabernon Tiger Woods. At the time, it was not uncommon to find undigested grains in his manure. This strongly suggested to us that his digestive system could use additional support and nutrition, most likely a consequence of the challenges of top-level training and competition coupled with an un-natural cereal concentrated diet.
SUCCEED is easy to administer – I have used both the paste and the granules – and it has helped give Bailey the benefits of optimal digestive health. It’s obvious it has helped through visibly improved condition and better behaviour in this normally grumpy pony. He is more amenable to work and handle and I feel that he now gains more from his hard feed, giving that little extra to allow us to train and perform with more intensity than before.
SUCCEED has undoubtedly played a part in my recent success!”

Photo: Tim Bagley

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lucinda green
Lucinda Green - International 4* Eventer

“There is a better way and it’s called SUCCEED. If you are looking for an improved path to gut health and therefore performance, I suggest you try SUCCEED.” Read full story(PDF).

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Chris King - International 4* Eventer

“Our top horse “The Secret Weapon” in the run up to a major 3* CIC lost his appetite and topline. When we consulted our vet (GB team vet Liz Brown), she suggested we try him on SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program. We found that his appetite returned within 10 days of starting SUCCEED and over a period of 3 to 6 months he changed physically. SUCCEED promoted his appetite and his coat, condition and topline improved by 100%. In continuing to use SUCCEED, this improvement was maintained throughout intensive training and major competitions. SUCCEED has transformed my horses’ overall well-being and they all look and perform amazingly on it.” Read full story.

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Bill Levett - 4* Eventer

“I started using SUCCEED on a couple of my upcoming intermediate horses and one advanced horse – and I’ve been really pleased with the results. Both horses were not good doers but on SUCCEED they’ve both gained condition and more importantly held it while preparing for three-day event campaigns. They’ve never looked better and I think SUCCEED has played a part in helping maintain healthy gut function in these horses which were previously hard to build and maintain condition.”

Photo: Fiona Maxwell Scott Photography

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Dessie Hughes - National Hunt Trainer, Ireland

“Since using SUCCEED my horses have shown vast improvements in their overall health, condition, attitude and performance. SUCCEED has become a mainstay in my feeding routine, and I now wouldn’t be without it.” Read Full Story

Photo: Caroline Norris

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William Fox-Pitt - Multiple Olympic Champion and three time World No.1 Event Rider

“I have used SUCCEED on my horses with great success. It has proved particularly good for maintaining condition and general well being in some of my more stressed and tense horses. I also find it promotes appetite which is a real benefit as so many horses tend to stop eating as they get fitter”

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Talia Laghzaoui - Event Rider

Talia Laghzaoui is an exciting up and coming event rider, and at only 18 years old has already been selected twice for the BEF’s UK Sport funded World Class Development Programme. With such promising talent, Talia needs her horses to be 100% inside and out, which is why she feeds SUCCEED every day.

“After a demanding event season my top horse was stressed, underweight and displaying symptoms of a gut problem. We decided to try SUCCEED on recommendation from our vet, and within just a couple of months he’d gained weight, developed a better top line, was more relaxed and most importantly, enjoying his work again. I would thoroughly recommend SUCCEED for horses with digestive issues and to support the gut during the pressures of training, travelling and competing.”

Photo: Synergy

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Charlotte Ridley - BHSII instructor and 4* eventer

After one of her horses experienced an unexplained weight loss, combined with very loose droppings and hindgut discomfort, Charlotte tried him on Succeed.

“Once on SUCCEED he gradually began to gain and sustain his weight, and there was a dramatic change whilst passing droppings. He became much more comfortable, and his droppings quickly went back to normal. The horse thoroughly enjoyed the taste of SUCCEED and got very excited when
it was time for him to have his daily dose!”

Photo: David Thompson DLT Photography

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Emma Delport - Dressage/Riding Club

“In all honesty I was skeptical….So I was amazed (and thrilled) when SUCCEED made such a significant difference. Within two weeks of starting Roo on SUCCEED he was accepting my leg again and willing to move forward. Not only do I have a horse I can ride again, but he is straighter under saddle than he has been in years, and his intermittent right hind limb problem has so far not been seen since he came back into work. Thank you to SUCCEED for not only getting my horse back for me, but for a new and improved version!” Read full story.

Photo: Wayne Jones Photography

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Alicia Hawker - Eventing

“I have been so impressed with the results from using SUCCEED to encourage digestive health in my event horses. Both horses I put on SUCCEED are holding condition and looking the best they ever have. The customer service has been second to none.”

Photo: Tim Wilkinson

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Charlie Hutton - Young Rider international and Grand Prix Dressage Rider and trainer

“We started SUCCEED because my horse Abira had come back from colic surgery and was struggling to maintain strength and condition. Before we used SUCCEED he was fluctuating in weight and looking unsettled. Plus, when ridden he was lacking energy and balance. However, since he has been on SUCCEED Abira has put on consistent condition and added strength, plus his performance is much higher and with greater stamina.”

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Geoffroy & Julia de Jamblinne - International 3* Eventer

“George (Never Fly) was very skinny – a bag of bones with no muscle – when we bought him in France. He was picky with his food, had little appetite, and permanent diarrhea. With SUCCEED his appetite has improved hugely, and he’s gained weight and kept it on. His droppings have improved and lost their unpleasant acid smell. As an added bonus, he has gone from mangy grey to having the most beautiful soft and shiny coat. He has gone from “miserable git” to happy chappy.”

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Sarah Ross - Rescued neglected horse, creator of the Patch Foundation

“Tiger was very unwell when I rescued him. He windsucked constantly. He was not absorbing food. He was suffering choking episodes. He had stomach ulcers. Slowly after three months with attention to diet, loads of love, a little work and SUCCEED every day his improvement was significant. Thank you so much for supporting us in helping this beautiful animal on the road to recovery. SUCCEED without a doubt was contributing to his improvement and well-being.”

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Karen Jackson - Dressage Rider

“I have been using SUCCEED for two months and the improvement in my horse has been unbelievable. The one thing that has really stood out for me is the change in her demeanor. She now has this air of alert calmness about her – a real presence. I always knew Coco was talented, but now she is talented and willing and eager to please.”

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Louise Hacker - British team Para show jumper

“Before he was on SUCCEED, my horse Enrico was very stressed and always gulping in air, could never settle down, and would hardly eat his haylage, hay, or hard feed. Since he’s been on SUCCEED he is a total different horse. He eats like there’s no tomorrow. When we travel abroad he is very settled and calm. His competition level is much better. He looks fantastic and will always stay on SUCCEED.”

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Jane Chapple Hyam - Newmarket racehorse trainer

“SUCCEED was recommended by my vet due to a horse coming from the horse sales looking light in condition and dull in his coat. He wasn’t a great eater. Since going on SUCCEED, his coat looks great and he is holding his condition a lot better. SUCCEED is a fantastic product that has helped this horse maintain condition while in full work.”

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Liz Sharp - Rider

“My 21-year-old thoroughbred was suffering from regular, stress-type colic. He had trouble keeping weight on, had episodes of diarrhea, and was tense and worried at competitions. Since putting him on SUCCEED his condition has improved fantastically. His coat looks beautiful and he’s gained muscle tone and weight. At competitions he now feels like a different horse; more relaxed, concentrating on his work with a “look at me, I’m very special” attitude. I’ve been delighted by how SUCCEED has helped him and thoroughly recommend it.”

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Jenny Towers - Vet & Dressage Rider

“My ex-racehorse Sparkie had always been a bit of a stressy type and could be quite nervous and spooky under saddle. He was also very tense through the body and lacked suppleness and topline. These symptoms were also combined with girthiness and irritability, so decided to try him on SUCCEED. Within a few weeks of starting it I noticed that he seemed happier, and has gone on to really develop topline and become more supple during our dressage training. I even noted he was much less spooky too, particularly when competing at the Area Festivals where there were lots of scary banners, flowers and tarpaulins! Since being on SUCCEED he seems a much more relaxed and happier horse.”

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Julie Deverill - Grand Prix Dressage rider/trainer and breeder, Half Moon Stud

“Our foundation stallion Half Moon Bertoni would produce a lot of loose dropping while working. He also suffered occasional colic attacks immediately after working. We wondered if this could be linked to acid or ulcers in the stomach or gut. Since Bertoni has been on SUCCEED, both these issues have gone. The stallion looks and works better than ever and at 18-years-old scored a 66.28% in only the third Grand Prix for both horse and rider.”

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John Berry - Thoroughbred Racing Trainer

“SUCCEED was recommended to me by a friend for a filly who had struggled through the winter and had lost quite a bit of weight despite still eating well. We’ve been really impressed with the results in a relatively short time. The paste is really easy to administer and is clearly palatable for the horse. We’ll definitely continue to use SUCCEED for horses who need a little bit of help.”

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