Serious Horse People Use SUCCEED

The gut is central to the equine’s overall health and ability to perform to potential. That’s why serious horse people make supporting digestive health a priority. Being “serious” about horses has little to do with disciplines, professions, or levels of competition. It’s about giving it your all, doing things right, and doing right by the horse.

That’s why serious horse people the world over use SUCCEED. SUCCEED is a natural approach to managing the horse’s digestive health, including the stomach and the hindgut.

That can mean better overall health, better performance, better attitude and, well, better everything.


When your horse’s gut is healthy, your horse may:

  • Absorb nutrition from feed more fully
  • Be a more comfortable and willing partner
  • Be more able to physically perform to full potential
  • Maintain good health inside and overall condition outside

Serious Horse People Who Use SUCCEED

Bill Levett

  • 4* level rider
  • Serious horse person
  • SUCCEED user

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Lissa Green

  • 4* level rider
  • Serious horse person
  • SUCCEED user

Read about Lissa Green

SUCCEED comes backed by serious horse people who’ve experienced the results for themselves. Read success stories from serious horse people like you who rely on SUCCEED.

Invest in your Horse’s Wellness

These horse men and women understand that the horse’s performance, trainability, and good attitude – as well as overall health – begin with a healthy gut.
And healthy digestion means a healthy horse making better use of its feed for the energy and nutrients it needs to train and perform. This can equal fewer vet bills and less wasted feed.
Is SUCCEED expensive? No … SUCCEED is an investment in your horse’s well-being, pure and simple. Serious horse people like you understand that, too.

Contact your veterinarian to purchase SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program.