Support Equine Digestive Health with SUCCEED

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is a natural complementary feed programme designed to provide a simple, daily method for managing the horse’s digestive health.

SUCCEED supports the healthy structure and function of the entire equine GI tract.

  • Helps maintain good nutrient absorption.
  • Supports the immune system and normal digestion.
  • Maintains the balance in the hindgut and aids natural replenishment of tissue.
  • Supports the health of the mucosal lining throughout the digestive tract.
succeed digestive conditioning program

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Why Veterinarians Recommend SUCCEED

“Hind gut inflammation can be associated with behavioural issues in ridden horses.”

Over the last twelve months I have been evaluating all horses presenting with mild to severe behavioural issues when ridden; that have no physical evidence of any underlying orthopaedic or other clinical conditions. I have tested for the presence of hindgut inflammation using the SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test (FBT).


Dr David Platt BVSc., PhD., DEO., FRCVS

In many of these cases, the FBT results have revealed an increase in albumin loss in the dung consistent with an inflamed hind gut wall. Gastroscopy of most of these horses failed to reveal any evidence of stomach lining ulceration. In all of these cases I removed the cereal content in their diet and started them on SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program. The results have been quite startling.

Within a few days many of these animals became significantly calmer, less resistant, more forward going and have stopped misbehaving when ridden, much to the relief of their worried riders.

SUCCEED is an excellent product that I now routinely feed as part of my management of all horses demonstrating intestinal disturbances, loss of condition, poor performance or have developed behavioural issues when ridden. Feeding SUCCEED is unlikely to be the panacea for all horses that have behavioural difficulties when ridden, but I am convinced that many horses demonstrating such behaviour are avoiding work because they are uncomfortable as a result of reversible low grade hind gut inflammation.”

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