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Lucinda Green and Cry Freedom Succeeding in Final Events Before Horse Retires

HW_LG_9220hr_ccThe wonderful and bold Cry Freedom, is seeking to finish strong for Lucinda Green this year. In his eighteenth year the horse is bound for retirement this year.  Lucinda’s sister, the owner of Cry Freedom, is very unwell and cannot continue financing him. Thus, the horse’s retirement may be sooner rather than later.

Sired by North Col, he came 12th on his first outing of the season at Gatcombe’s Open Intermediate. On his second outing, Cry Freedom unexpectedly and delightfully came 4th at Belton with a near personal record of only one show jump down, and the only one inside the time over cross -country. Lucinda plans to compete Cry Freedom in the Advanced class at Chatsworth before retirement.

“He (Cry Freedom) has a lovely home to retire to with Sharon Prosser who, was my head girl. Although at 18 years young, it may not be enough for his enthusiasm for life just yet!”

Regardless, what is definite is that this horse and rider will both remain legendary. In 2013, after a two year gap of competition, and at 17 years of age, Cry Freedom took his rider (whom had also had a slight gap) from 65th to 27th in Blenheim International Horse trials last year.

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Freedom Health LLC wish the horse all the best, with hopes that he thoroughly enjoys himself at his last few events before retiring.

Lucinda is equally excited regarding her daughter Lissa’s mount Raffa (Boleybawn Free) whom came 10th in the mare’s first event of the season at Gatcombe, in her BE100 class. “She (Raffa) is so much more grown up and brave this year” Lucinda said recently. “She loves her cross country after the 10 days hunting she had this winter!

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Where #SeriousHorsePeople come to better understand digestive health in horses and its impact and management.
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